Tread Lightly!
Bonners Ferry, ID.

Bio: I will always call Western Montana home. I was raised a weak armed stones throw from Lolo Creek, sixteen miles west of what was then a dot of town sharing the creek’s name. The path to my current residence -- another dot of a North Idaho town on the Kootenai River -- in Bonners Ferry has been circuitous. But, suffice to say, since my halcyon days on Lolo Creek I have: Fought fires in the Seeley Swan in the summer while playing soccer and partying for Concordia College in Portland, OR; Been kicked off the team after my junior year for partying too much and stealing a bike while firefighting; Headed to AK to fish on big catcher processor for a few seasons while on probation; Been released from probation and tried to finish my undergrad degree again three different times but partied too much and withdrew; Found a good job coordinating kids sports with the YMCA in Missoula, also one working for Missoula Youth Homes, ski instructing, and coaching a great little club soccer team until, I partied too much and got my first DUI; Headed back to AK to spend close to a decade crabbing, seining, gill netting, and partying; Got another two DUIs only ten days apart while partying away my fishing cash; With the help of AA I got (and remain) sober; Went to work for the U.S. Forest Service in Bonners Ferry in the summertime while recommitting to finishing my education. Years later, that education consists of: B.A. Clinical Psych (2009) University of Montana J.D. Environmental, Natural Resource & Water Law Certificates M.S. Bioregional Planning & Community Design Today, I’m a small town plaintiff’s lawyer in Bonners Ferry who is just beginning to learn the ropes of, in order: being a good husband, father, son, and trial lawyer. Once mastered -- insert eye roll -- I aspire further to employ my talents in attempting to more closely wed the currently discrete planning, policy, and law of public lands and the urbanized interface. When I don’t have my nose in a law book or typing away on my Mac, I can usually be found playing on the side of a mountain or in a river somewhere with my beautiful wife.

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